Only publicly surfacing in 2015, but the birth of Bogijko started from over 10 years beforehand. As an adolescent the founder, whist being interested in fashion, would purchase apparels from various brands and fashion labels but at times feeling he could not find what he was looking for or worse feeling they could be better.

With an already growing love for art and passion for the culture, the founder had felt a sense of peace studying cultural interpretations, researching designers and fashion trends whilst showing a keen eye for detail, fit and sophisticated fabrics. Nonetheless what inspired him the most where the brands that have lasted the test of time and the ability to be relevant not only now but 20 years from now.

He embedded himself as an apprentice amongst tailors across UK, USA and Europe, watching and learning as they created and recreated masterpieces, whilst even having garments altered themselves understanding how an item can be refashioned into an individual STATEMENT piece of clothing.

After much research into production and learning a few trades, the founder began to make his own casual but sophisticated bomber jackets wearing them not only day to day but at events and dinners. As exclusivity was a thing amongst his peers, being able to produce Jackets of a high quality finish was invaluable. However, what he didn’t expect was the increasing demand to know where the jackets came from as individuals struggled to find something similar.

After many demands, he decided to make Jackets for his friends both male and female, gradually and organically building up a solid clientele.

Fast forward to current day, where along with a team of budding young enthusiasts and specialists, the growing brand Bogijko is now selling rare seasonal, ready to wear and bespoke garments all over the UK .